About Katsina State


To make Katsina State the easiest place to do business in Nigeria.


To be the most efficient State Investment Promotion Agency in Nigeria through responsive and knowledgeable stakeholders engagement thereby  creating wealth and improving the welfare of  citizens.


i.              Passionate and commitment to service;

ii.            Professionalism;

iii.           Honesty; and

iv.           Accountability



(a)      Advise and assist the Government on the implementation of all projects and the programmes in the Investment Promotion roadmap of the State;

(b)     Advise and assist the Government in creating an attractive and competitive climate for business which will lead to robust economic activities in the State;

(c)      Identify and advise the Government on programmes and projects which will exploit the natural resources base on the State and create employment for citizens of the State;

(d)     Source on behalf of the Government, finance for investment from multilateral and bilateral development partners as well as private investors both domestic and foreign through public/private partnership and other financial arrangements;

(e)     Assist the State in building capacity for investment project identification, evaluation, planning, execution and management;

(f)      Develop appropriate institutional and regulatory frameworks for economic investment Promotion and facilitation in the State;

(g)      Advise and assist in the establishment of a framework for economic investment programmes and projects for effective implementation;

(h)     Establish a framework for identifying and proactively engaging the Federal Government and its Agencies in Investment Promotion drive of the State;

(i)       Articulate clear private sector growth strategies for providing needed support and appropriate incentives to grow the local private sector and enlarge the economic base of the State;

(j)      Advice and assist the Government in developing and maintaining a comprehensive and reliable database on investment opportunities for effective planning especially in areas where the State has demonstrable comparative and competitive advantages;

(k)      Develop a database of reputable and potential investors both within and outside Nigeria with a view to reaching out to them when opportunities arises;

(l)       Conclude arrangement with any person or authority for the effective implementation of any programme or project and to enter into such other contracts as it may deem necessary to facilitate its functions under this law;

(m)    Publish and periodically revise data and information on the investment status of the State in order to assist prospective investors both domestic and foreign and also to evaluate State’s potential as an investment destination;

(n)      Plan and organize targeted and well-researched investment promotion activities including tours and road shows aimed at promoting specific investment projects in areas where the State has demonstrable comparative and competitive advantage;

(o)      Procure within its budgetary limit, any property or service it may require for the effective discharge of its functions under this Law and to dispose of any such property or terminate any such service;

(p)       Request the head of any ministry, department or agency of the Government to furnish it with any document, explanation or other information it may require for the due execution of its functions under this Law;

(q)       Regulate its own proceedings; and 


(r)       Do such other things as are reasonably incidental, supplemental or conducive to its functions under this Law.