Jan 17, 2021 KIPA UPDATES

The State has rich cultural heritage, therefore it has potentials for the development of the Hospitality industry. Its rich history and culture have endowed it with tourism attraction sites.

These include monuments like the Gobarau Minaret in Katsina City, Kusugu Well in Daura Town, Old Katsina College, the two Emirs’ palaces, Durbi Takusheyi at Mani, etc.

Recreational Packs, Resorts and game reserves could be established on locations close to water reservoirs (Jibia, Ajiwa, Mai’ruwa dams) and forest reserves (Runka).

In this regard, Government has already shown commitment with the establishment of Charmah Park at Jibia located by the Jibia Dam. Investors will be welcome to partner with the Government in developing the Park into an international standard facility.

With the ultra modern 35,000 capacity multi-purpose stadium completed, Katsina is a hub for the development of Hotels including 5-Star.

In addition, the Sallah festivities marking the end of Ramdan fasting and the advent of the Holy Pilgrimage are very popular and celebrated in the two Emirates of Katsina and Daura. Daura also celebrate, in grand style, the Maulud of Nabii (Sallar Gani) which gives grandeur to the existing historical heritages of the Hausa people at large.

Besides the main sallah display of skillful horse riding on the Sallah days (Id-Fitr and Adha), the following days are celebrated with Durbah display called Hawan Bariki in Katsina town and Hawan Daushe in Daura town during Sallar Gani (both of which are literally paying homage to the State Government).

These Durbar displays are procession of colorful horses and their skillful riders in harmonious panoply with cultural drummers, singers and dancers. These Durbar events have proven irresistible and must-watch by foreigners on personal visits to Katsina State or by special invitation of the Government or the two Emirate Councils of Katsina and Daura.

Investment Opportunities

There are investment opportunities in the Hospitality industry by developing commercial tourism infrastructure and related services. These include:

  • Hotels Development of all categories
    • Holiday Resorts
    • Games Reserves
    • Tourist Guide Agencies
    • Travel Agencies
    • Transportation
    • Development of Private Zoo.


The Government will welcome any investor interested in developing the Tourism Industry and will make the following available in this regard.

  • Provision of Land and basic infrastructure
    • 5 – year tax holiday
    • Full equity ownership especially by foreign investors

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