Solid Minerals

Jan 17, 2021 KIPA UPDATES


The mineral potentials of Katsina State are enormous, the national demand for industrial materials and associated products, as industrial input is very high.

The part which the development of solid minerals can play in accelerating economic, political and social growth within the State or indeed the Nation is immerse, self reliance in industrial minerals raw materials requirement, not only saves foreign exchange used in the importation of often over-priced and over specified materials, but also gives valuable technological job-training, provides gainful employment.

Solid minerals can provide ultimate funds for investment in other sectors of the economy and generate foreign exchange for the Country.

Investment Opportunities in Solid Mineral Sector 

The following are recommended areas of investment:

  1. Ceramic Industry to provide electrical insulators (see table 2 on import and local production) and tiles that are presently imported in the country. This will also take advantage of the power generation programme of the Federal Government.
    1. Glass Industry as the State has the main raw materials (Silica Sand and Feldspar) and there is still a supply gap in the Country (see tales 3 on import and production of glass)
    1. Kaolin processing to produce pharmaceutical grade as well as for paint, plastics and detergent industries.
    1. Granite Cutting and Polishing
    2. Chalk Making
    3. Paint Making

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