Power Sector

Jan 17, 2021 KIPA UPDATES

The development of the Power Sector remains key to the development of other sectors of the economy not just for Katsina State but for the whole Country. The challenges in the sector include inadequate power generation, transmission and distribution capacities.

Power Sector used to be the exclusive preserve of the Federal Government which currently has capacity to generate about 6000MW which is about 10% of national demand.

There is improvement in the power generation in the Country, but the challenges of transmission and distribution account for losses of the power generated thereby aggravating the cost of operating the sector.

The sector has been transformed with the passage of the Electric Power Sector reform with the transmission distribution being run by the Private Sector. The transformation also opened up the Sector for Private Individuals and State Governments to partake in the generation chain. This will step up the availability of power generated and improve on its consumption thereby reducing losses and improving generating cost recovery.

What all these means is that there are ample opportunities for investment by the Private Sector.

The current demand for power in Katsina State stands at about XXXMW

With the anticipated increase in industrial activities the power requirement is going to increase which could widen the demand gap further the question is who fills in the gaps.

The Government of Katsina State is currently partnering with Messrs Pan Africa Solar Power Limited and Nova Solar Power Limited for the generation of 250KVA using Solar Technology. There is also the wind mill 10MW power generation at Lambar Rimi which is about to be commissioned. After this arrangement comes on board, there will still be some gaps in the power requirement for the State making further Investment in the sector feasible.

Investment Opportunities

From the foregoing, there is huge Investment opportunities in the sector and for it to be run effectively, to be affordable by consumers (industrial as well as residential), to be environmentally friendly, the sector should be driven by the private sector. The Government of Katsina State, on its part, is ready to give all the necessary support in this regard.

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